Trademarks and Domain names

The choice of a trademark must respect three conditions: lawful, distinctive and available. Are you meet these conditions?

Legally, a trademark is a sign capable of graphic representation used to distinguish the goods or services of a natural or legal person. You must register the trademark before an IP national institution. The domain name is not a title of intellectual property but only a distinctive sign. The domain name may, however, infringe intellectual property rights. Our consulting IP law firm accredited by the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property

helps you, to put a monitoring system of your distinctive signs. To do this we must identify advertisers who use or reproduce your brand or distinctive signs. When we find a violation of your right, we file an opposition to the disputed mark in the shortest possible time or bring an action before a common law court when the offence is detected late.


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An IP strategy allows you to make the right decisions to generate long-term revenue from IP assets.
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