Intellectual Property Advice

Your creations are unique and precious. They deserve the best advice on intellectual property.

Your ideas spawn many projects that we make sure to accompany over time. When developing a project, modifying a strategy or launching a new product, it is essential to question the place of intellectual property.

We are aware that your ideas are important and we focus all our work revolves around them. To do this, we offer interviews in the office or by telephone and we help you to better target the intellectual property assets associated with them. We will provide concrete and precise answers to your legal questions concerning intellectual property. From simple intellectual property advice to defense, we will define your needs together and provide you with clear answers and transparent pricing.



The IPLocked team helps you define your goals and provides you with expert advice on the best opportunities for intellectual property.

An IP strategy allows you to make the right decisions to generate long-term revenue from IP assets.
We strive to leverage our experience by prioritizing the interests of our clients and conducting a conscientious audit.