Credit : Descombes, Isabelle

What about Education? In Switzerland, the end of your studies (Maturité, Bachelor, Master or PhD) is often assessed through an important writing exercise. Drafting goes through several steps of deep reflexion,  specifically designed through structure and diction to build a hypothesis. These steps require a large investment of several months or years. The majority of students and researchers wish to protect their writings against plagiarism and to gain be value.

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We are pleased to announce a pilot project in accordance with some UNIGE’s associations

Each year, an average of 4’500 students graduate from the University of Geneva. This represents a little more than 4’500 academic works produced by students, PhDs and also professors – all these of which can benefit from the protection of the Blockchain technology. From the University’s standpoint, IPLocked would also be useful, as registered works would allow the University to enforce its anti-plagiarism policy by comparing pre-existing works to newly submitted ones. How would this work?

Our technology will allow for a stamp for academic works to be created.

If you are interested in obtaining a stamp for your academic work, please contact our support with your student card: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.