IPLocked met with representatives of the Canton of Geneva to develop support and understanding for its blockchain project, and to obtain advice regarding the rules governing new technologies in Switzerland. Received by Mr. Vincent Pignon, Business Advisor in the Republic and Canton of Geneva’s Directorate-General for Economic Development, Research and Innovation, we held a productive and enthusiastic discussion as to the usefulness of blockchain in the field of intellectual property.

During the discussion we were able to explain in more detail that our project allows creators, students, designers, inventors, startups, artists, etc. to benefit from a system of time stamping on all their creations, whether a photo, video, painting, sculpture, etc., in a simple and effective way.

The IPLocked project uses Blockchain technology to prove the existence of works, that fall under copyright protection, and to validate ownership of rights over these works, which are non-registrable within the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property and other institutions.

Vincent Pignon, Blockchain advisor to the STATE OF GENEVA

Blockchain technology will revolutionize all transactions, in its version 2.0 of the Web. Access to and the dissemination of information saw its first revolution with the Internet, now the Blockchain will disrupt transactions by removing intermediaries. 

Credit: Swiss medical network and Crea