Many startups believe that they don’t need IP protection because they think they don’t have

intellectual property assets. Or they think the value of their intellectual property assets is not great enough

to cause infringement. So what’s the point?


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The Startup Dilemma

One of the most common issue that startups can encounter is related to IP. 

Firstly, after spending time and money to create a product or service it is still easy to steal their creations.

Secondly, statistically, nine out of ten startups fail within three years.

Knowing this! Is it useful to protect their IP creations?


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We Found A Solution

We are well aware that entrepreneurs and creators who are just starting out

do not want to put all of their savings into the protection of their creations.

Before they can afford this protection they must usually first exploit their creations,

find partners, and find funding. But, in order to do this, they must discuss and share with

others their precious and vulnerable creation! Copyright law could be a solution for you!

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Blockchain Technology

By the Blockchain technology, IPLocked offers, for all startups, the possibility to register

their logos, slogans, technical drawings, design drawings, etc. by leaving an effective stamp.

Indeed, applying our Blockchain technology to IP management permit creations to

be indelibly and immediately stamped. That is why we provide a dated and time-stamped certificate

when startup, independent, entrepreneur submit their creation. In this manner,

they are able to later certify that their data existed at a stamped time.

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Copyright law

The rights of a copyright owner are infringed when one of the acts

requiring the authorization of the owner is done by someone

else without his consent. The unauthorized copying of copyright

materials for commercial purposes and the unauthorized commercial

dealing in copied materials is known as “piracy.”

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