Boom for Blockchain and Intellectual Property at World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)!

WIPO hosted the world of blockchain and intellectual property, both public and private sector across five continents to a Workshop.

The bar has been raised!

We enjoyed two intensive days of discussions and presentations focused on intellectual property and blockchain. Guests companies such as Hyperledger, IBM, EUIPO, Russian Patent Office, IP Australia, Lukso, JAAK, University of Geneva, WTO and many others were present.

We are honored to have been invited by the World Intellectual Property Organization to attend these expert exchanges. Without a doubt, these experts have screened the different use cases for small, medium, large companies, and public institutions.

What did they find out? An emerging market with more than 3.1 trillion in business value by 2030 according to Gartner. More interconnections between different blockchains in the near future according to Lukso. The indispensability of private actors for the improvement of service in the public sector according to the Russian Patent Office and EUIPO. Access to better information for customers on the origin of products thanks to the Trademark smart set up by Australia IP office. A significant upheaval in the world of copyright as Baker & Mckenzie Lawyer and JAAK CEO coupled with many other incredible speakers reminded us.

The private and public sectors converged together for the implementation of Blockchains (hybrid, consortium, unpermissioned, permissioned with PoWork / PoStake (PoH, PoU, PoI or PoST) as consensus algorithms. However, with the rate at which its sister tools such as AI, OTI, Machine Learning are developing, both sectors will have to learn to adapt quickly to changes and interconnections.

Copyright Blockchain presentation remains our favorite though, and the solutions proposed by JAAK are of particular interest to us. Being in the same sector, the synergies are strong with IPLocked and we hope to learn from each other. Our aim is to evolve and grow with our predecessor.

Thanks to WIPO for this invitation. We hope to be invited to the next edition.


IPLocked Team