IPLocked was pleased to officially launch its "Tokenization of the Postmark for Works Under Copyright" activity at the Blockchain & Big Data Conference.

In the spotlight of this event, eight experts from the blockchain stratosphere met to share blockchain advance knowledge throughout several use cases (Finance, Investments, Strategy, Notarization, Networking, Social Media, etc.). These incredible people aroused the public’s curiosity (students, developers, investors, professors, etc.) whose questions were directed to our exceptional speakers.

This big event was organized in collaboration with the Junior Enterprise Geneva’s team at the University of Geneva (Switzerland) this Saturday, March 16, 2019. It gathered more than 300 people.

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In exclusivity, IPLocked presented its website and shared an overview of the planned evolutions of its platform. This was accompanied by numerous exchanges with the audience.

IPLocked distributes a secured, authentic and stored copyrighted work solution. This solution ensures that the uploading process of creations will be encrypted and validated by consensus. Thus, a unique hash would be affixed to the digital works. Data anchoring is using the properties of resiliency, immutability, and resistance to bind any type of data to a definitive secure transaction.

IPLocked Team has worked hard to make the use of blockchain technology simple, and comfortable for the creation of evidence in intellectual property.

Without being a title of industrial property, the certificate of proof-of-creation certifies that the work existed at the time of the electronic time stamping. It also allows the author to put his name on his creation via the certificate.

From a legal point of view, the effect and the admissibility of an electronic time stamp as proof in court cannot be refused. This is based simply on the sole ground that this timestamp is presented in an electronic form, or that it does not satisfy the requirements of the qualified electronic time stamp.

We would like to thank all the speakers @Ardian, @Nathalie, @Nicola, @david, @Ryan, @karel, @Thierry, @kevin for making a presentation on the impact of blockchain in the world of industry. Also, all Havard Alumni, WIPO Alumni, the University of Geneva and all institutions, companies, and people who shared and spread this event. Special thanks to family and friends for their incredible work.


IPLocked Team

Karel LEEFLANG, StrategyPod Ceo


Karel is CEO of StrategyPod. A boutique strategic planning and sophisticated analytics advisory firm with 45 staff based in offices in Geneva, London, New York, Philadelphia and San Francisco.

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Kevin Vennat, Investment Analyst


Kevin Vennat is a fundamental analyst for blockchain projects with more than 300 ICO’s reviewed. He is certified Business Blockchain and is a Blockchain Technical Member as well as a member of EU blockchain Observatory and Forum.

#blockchain #analyst #atlantic #finance #neotechnologies #management #strategy #investment 




Ray CHOW-TOUN, FileProof Founder

Ray CHOW, founder of FileProof, built a peer-to-peer notarization protocol allows issuing an immutable digital certificate with an authentic proof without the need to involve a central third party and/or middlemen to trust.

#Blockchain #Peertopeer #Notarization #Fileproof #Technology #cvproof #entrepreneur




Ardian BALAJSwissBorg, Head of Legal


Ardian is a Swiss lawyer specialised in International and European Law. He started his career with the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA as an international agent, where he had the opportunity to work with various financial regulators worldwide, including the SEC and the Federal Reserve.

#blockchain #legal #finance #geneva #success #cryptoassets #challenges  



Nicolas HOU, Colosse Ceo & Co-president of Harvard Clubchain


Swiss ans Chinese, Nicolas was born in Geneva. He worked for several big companies such as Reuters Thompson, Honda Motorcycles or Apple, and he launched his own company Colosse.ch. He completed his marketing management graduate program from Harvard in 2016 and is a member of the Harvard Club in New York.

#harvardclub #startup #creation #switzerland #colosse #entrepreneur #passion




Thierry ARYS RUIZ is the Founder of AgAu.io


The founder of the Peer-to-Peer, Electronic Money System backed by Silver(Ag) and Gold(Au) work on the new taxonomy of money, the current monetary landscape. Thierry ARYS RUIZ is a MENSA member and has dealt with topics ranging from commodity trading, finance, blockchain and A.I.

#AgAu #finance#blockchain #entrepreneur #business #success #wealth  



David Delmi, Founder and CEO HARDAH


Fakes news gangrates our social networks and feeds on the anonymity, algorithms and lack of transparency. Blockchain could remedy this by providing transparency, but above all a tracability of information. The startup HARDAH develops a solution in this field.

#Hardah #blockchain #entrepreneur #business #investing #success #fakenews






Nathalie Kazzi has over 15 years experience leading international project implementation, developing innovative growth strategies and driving operational excellence in industries spanning, Energy, Fintech, AI, Online Education and Blockchain.  As CEO of Blue Tree Advisors she is responsible for mentoring, advising and co-founding a number of startups in the Blockchain space, a few of which have launched successful ICO’s.

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