IPLocked is working out!!

Spring is here, the weather is nice, sweaters go to the closet, IPLocked and its team are on their toes to give you the best.

We are proud to announce the launching of a lighter version of our website. This is good news as this lighter version would adapt well to your mobile and tablet. Not only that, it is specially designed for mobile phones not equipped with 3G. Thus, you’ll get to enjoy a simple, intuitive and efficient mobile service for certification, wherever you are.

Dubbed IPLocked Lite Project, the future mobile website will include fewer images and videos. This optimized version is designed for easier use in Switzerland, in view to expanding to emerging countries without 3G coverage.

Now, any mobile can now certify a work via the blockchain as effectively as a desktop PC.


IPLocked Team 

Bêta-test : University of Geneva