Evidence of Creatorship

Exercise your ownership influence. Make your own luck, adopt the digital time stamp for complete copyright security. Secured in a decentralized system, your work cannot be erased or modified by any other person but you.

IP Enforcement

Secure proof of existence for any digital creative work at an instance. Tender your certificate as a piece of evidence before the court to assert your right in 177 countries.

Smart IP & Registries

Your work is stored with a unique ID, which is also linked to the time of submission. You now have the chance to verify and validate the ownership of a creation anytime.

Digital Rights Management

Earn money even while you sleep! Just like on the marketplace, you receive payments in real-time for your work through selling, licensing, etc.
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Easy to Drop off & Get Proof of Copyright©

In a few seconds, we generate a piece of admissible copyright evidence to enforce your right in case of litigation. To record your unique ID, we’ll create a new transaction. We use SHA1 or SHA256 (Secure Hash Algorithm), an internationally used Swiss federal standard, and handle all formats. A piece of cake with Cooking Guide.
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Our Tool Plays an Important Role in Copyright

Did you know! In Switzerland, Europe, and many other countries, copyright works are not recordable. Yes, copyright protection is obtained automatically without registration, but it also means you don’t the paperwork to enforce your right in case of litigation. Thanks to a new way of legally authenticating evidence, we provide you with a certificate for your original works.
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Verify the author of a Creation©

Once your marker is created, the unique ID is stored securely in our protocol. Your work is permanently validated, even if this site is compromised or down. You can check at any time when a certain content was registered and other important information. The inviolable nature of this system allows a court or any other body to ascertain the author and the time of the creation of any content with full confidence.





Saving time, Resources and Money


New Ecosystem

Our goal is to provide the general public and business with an easy-to-use platform for recording, verifying and validating creative works with copyright.

Data Encryption

Our decentralized platform generates certificates of authenticity, and easily create contracts and licenses for your work.

Cut Expenses

We aim at the reduction of transaction costs involved in the trade of IP works by simplifying the authentication process. Therefore, licenses and payment management costs are streamlined.

Integrity & Guarantee

The digital footprint of each document is unique, and any modification will lead to the creation of a new hash. With this electronic proof, every author is protected. 

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