Here are some common questions about IPLOCKED

What is copyright?

Copyright (or author’s right) is a legal term used to describe the rights that creators have over their literary and artistic works. Works covered by copyright range from books, music, paintings, sculpture, and films, to computer programs, databases, advertisements, maps, and technical drawings(WIPO)

What can be protected using copyright?

Exhaustive lists of works covered by copyright are usually not to be found in legislation. Nonetheless, broadly speaking, works commonly protected by copyright throughout the world include: literary works such as novels, poems, plays, reference works, newspaper articles; computer programs, databases; films, musical compositions, and choreography; artistic works such as paintings, drawings, photographs, and sculpture; architecture; and advertisements, maps, and technical drawings (WIPO).

What rights does copyright give me?

There are two types of rights under copyright: economic rights, which allow the rights owner to derive financial reward from the use of his works by others; and moral rights, which protect the non-economic interests of the author(WIPO).

Most copyright laws state that the rights owner has the economic right to authorize or prevent certain uses in relation to a work or, in some cases, to receive remuneration for the use of his work (such as through collective management). The economic rights owner of a work can prohibit or authorize: its reproduction in various forms, such as printed publication or sound recording; its public performance, such as in a play or musical work; its recording, for example, in the form of compact discs or DVDs; its broadcasting, by radio, cable or satellite; its translation into other languages; and its adaptation, such as a novel into a film screenplay (WIPO)

Why IPLocked is useful for you ?

Although your original work is automatically protected by copyright upon creation because most of the countries do not have national institutions in charge of registering copyright works with a few exceptions. You must guarantee your protection by an evidence creatorship. Thanks to IPLocked you obtain a certificate that you can use in court as evidence to that you own the work

Can I protect with IPLocked my works internationally using copyright?

Copyright protection is automatic in all states party (176) to the Berne Convention. IPLocked works in the area of proof and copyright, it’s able to break through borders instantaneously, unlike national institutions. In a matter of hours, you have access to certification valid in all 176 signing countries of the Berne convention.

How IPLOCKED's blockchain works?

In simple terms, any creative works must be presented through our website. We do not copy the content of your creative works but instead convert the contents to a cryptographic digest or hash. This hash represents the exact contents of the creative works presented. When the creation is presented again, the same marker is created and therefore verification that the works are the same will be provided. If, however, the document has changed in any way, the new marker will not match the previous one. This is how the system verifies the creative works.