The Maturité, Bachelor, Master or Thesis writings are considered as

works of the spirit and fall under the copyright protection.

Indeed, it doesn’t take much to be copyrightables.

Writing has to be original and creative.

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After his/her writing is finished, each student has the right to stop others

from copying, performing, using or selling his/her creative work.

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Digital technology

By the Blockchain technology, IPLocked offers, for all students, researchers,

professors, the possibility to register their writing by leaving an effective stamp.

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Copyright issues

Existing copyright laws were formulated to deal with copyright issues in the analogue world.

However, the coming in of digital technology has raised new challenges to the protection

of copyright works. Digital technology has made it possible to reproduce works rapidly,

at little or no cost, while maintaining the same quality.

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Copyright law

The rights of a copyright owner are infringed when one of the acts

requiring the authorization of the owner is done by someone

else without his consent. The unauthorized copying of copyright

materials for commercial purposes and the unauthorized commercial

dealing in copied materials is known as “piracy.”

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