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Regardless of the commercial value, the money earned, the Berne Convention prohibits the unauthorized copying of all original and creative works of value. This means that if you own copyright in a book, musical score, painting, sculpture, poem, artist performance, computer program, or other original work, they will be protected by these rights.

Monday, 22 July 2019

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Designs, logos, songs, pictures, books, just to name few, are all creative works worth protecting. Your original work is automatically protected by copyright upon creation because most of the countries do not have national institutions in charge of registering copyright works with a few exceptions.  However, to guarantee protection, ...
  • Evidence of creatorship

  • Easy & Secure Process

  • Judicial assistance

  • Earn money with work


Evidence of creatorship

Thanks to decentralized technology, it’s impossible to tamper with evidence that is logged on to a Blockchain. Thus, evidence authenticated with blockchain technology is binding in legal disputes.

  • Easy to prove that you're the creator despite plagiarism;
  • Blockchain technology overpasses downloaded content or screenshots as proof. Forgeryproof;
  • Avoids notary, attorney high fees by a digital footprint of each document;
  • A new form of evidence in Copyright infringement cases;
  • Done with long and expensive trial based on evidence.

In many jurisdictions, the protection of literary and artistic works is not a recordable intellectual property right. When the intellectual property industry met blockchain technology, a new way to legally authenticate evidence was born. Blockchain technology plays an important role for unregistered intellectual property rights such as copyright and design rights. Blockchain provides evidence for original works and the country in which the design was first marketed.

Copyright protected in 176 countries

Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works held in 1886 in Berne, Switzerland. The treaty states that if copyright exists in one of these countries, then this copyright is valid in all member countries who are signatories of the Berne Convention. At present there are 176 signatory countries out of 195 countries in the world today.



Blockchain notarizes and protects your work instantaneously. Following a preliminary search, a copy of your work is placed in a safe within 48 hours.


Competitive Uniqueness

There are many proof services, but we are the only one with WIPO certified experts, who are knowledgeable in intellectual property.



The IP administrative procedures are complex, long, and expensive. The proof is the first simple step you can do.


176 Countries covered

All signatory nations of the Berne Convention are engaged to enforce copyright and protect owners’ works.



Our system protects your privacy because we know that some authors do not want to publish their works in the immediate future.



Blockchain is an ultra-secure system. Any modification to your creation will lead to the creation of a new hash. This solution is the electronic authentication which ensures that the creator of the work is protected.