Credit: Emmanuel Berrod
Our story started in January 2016, when the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the University of Geneva organized a summer school at the WIPO headquarters.
March 2016 The process of selection starts and the two entities select the participants of the upcoming WIPO-UNIGE Summer School.
April 2016 Eighty advanced students and young professionals, with a diverse background, coming from over thirty-five different countries, are selected.
June – July 2016 All participants attend the program’s presentation in Geneva, at the WIPO headquarters.
August 2016 Following the Summer School, all participants launch the project of an IP mobile app, organize and draft materials from each participant’s national IP law. 
March 2017 A test version of the mobile application is created but the market does not find it useful. It is merely compiled information that does not bring any added value.
July 2017 Brahima Soukouna receives a call from two friends, who just left their jobs to run their own company. They have a fantastic concept, “SandyPoint,” but they have no idea about how to protect it. The idea of IPLocked emerged and the objective was to revive our joint project.
August 2017 Friends from “SandyPoint” stress that using confidentiality agreements quickly discourage potential business partners. The idea was to relaunch our joint project and to bring a concrete application to the market.
May 2018 After several discussions, IPLocked is born and it is decided to use Blockchain technology to authenticate the existence of works in a faster, cheaper and more transparent way, through an IP online consulting service.
June 2018 WIPO-UNIGE Summer School organized an Alumni event, which offered the perfect occasion to discuss the impact of the Blockchain in intellectual property.
July 2018 Meeting with Mr Vincent Pignon, in charge of Blockchain at the Department of Economic Development, Search and Innovation in the canton of Geneva.
August 2018 IPLocked contacted ask to join the Blockchain Swiss association and meet blockchain entrepreneurs in Zug (Switzerland).
September 2018 WIPO-UNIGE summer school participants reunited to create, an online intellectual property law firm.
Octobre 2018 IPLocked is invited to a conference in Boston to meet MIT, Colombia, Polytech, Supelec, Central, Wharton and Harvard alumni, and gives a presentation on the impact of blockchain in the world of industry and intellectual property.
November 2018 IPLocked is interviewed by Bilan Magazine Switzerland to announce a new protocol of blockchain and intellectual property certification.
December 2018 IPLocked gets in touch with the Swiss Institute of Intellectual Property in Bern regarding the legality of certification and set up adjustments required.
IPLocked opens its new website